Lab Highlights!

6/1/23  — In collaboration with Drs. Cheemeng Tan and Randy Carney's labs at UC Davis, our lab is awarded a $2.5 million MPI R01 grant from NIH/NIBIB to use synthetic biology approaches to engineer "designer" extracellular vesicles! Congratulations team!

5/1/23  — In collaboration with Dr. Randy Carney's lab at UC Davis, our lab is awarded a $2.5 million MPI R01 grant from NIH/NIBIB on developing extracellular vesicle-based therapeutics for glioblastoma! Congratulations team!

4/4/23 — Congratulations to Leora Goldbloom-Helzner for receiving PhRMA Foundation's Predoctoral Fellowship in Drug Delivery! 

3/21/23 — Our lab is awarded a $2 million DISC2 grant by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)! Congratulations team!

3/7/23 — Our lab is awarded a NIH R21 on in-utero non-viral gene editing for treating Canavan disease! Congratulations team!

3/7/23 — Welcome to our newest lab members, postdoc fellow Luis Eduardo Contreras Llano and PhD student Kuan-Wei Huang!

8/22/22 — Congratulations to Nataliya Bahatyrevich, M.D., our Integrated Cardiothoracic Surgery resident, for being selected for a prestigious T32 federal research grant!

8/8/22 — Welcome to our newest Research Surgical Residents, Emily, Monalisa, Kathleen, and Elise!

5/26/22 — Our lab is awarded a $3 million TRAN3 grant by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)! Congratulations team!

5/10/22 -- Congratulations to Yofi Wyle for being selected as a NIH/NHLBI T32 Pre-Doctoral trainee in the UC Davis Lung Center Training Program!

4/28/22 -- Research Team Headed by Dr. Wang Receives Cultivating Team Science Award from UC Davis School of Medicine!

4/8/22 -- Congratulations to Dr. Dake Hao for receiving the prestigious 2021-2022 UC Davis Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award!

3/31/22 -- Congratulations to Leora Goldbloom-Helzner for being awarded the Professors for the Future fellowship!

3/31/22 -- Congratulations to Tanner Henson for being awarded the prestigious National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship!

2/14/22 -- Congratulations to Dr. Nataliya Bahatyrevich for her acceptance into the Postdoctoral Fellow position, supported by the NHLBI, Training Program in Basic and Translational Cardiovascular Science!

7/26/21 -- Welcome to our newest Junior Specialists, Maria, Emma, Meiby, Brandon, and Nora! 

7/24/21 -- Leora passed her qualifying exam! Congrats, Leora!

7/1/21 -- Three new surgical residents joined our lab! Welcome Mary, Abdul, and Nataliya!

7/1/21 -- Congratulations to Dr. Aijun Wang for his promotion to full Professor!

5/27/21 -- Our lab is awarded a Science Translation & Innovative Research (STAIR) grant and is matched with funding from UCDSOM Dean Allison Brashear!

3/22/21 -- Congratulations to Dr. Chaoxing Zhang for receiving the Shriners hospital postdoctoral fellowship/training grant!

11/12/20 -- Our lab is awarded a $9 million CLIN2 grant by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)! Congratulations and so proud of our wonderful team! 

10/1/20 -- Welcome to our newest postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Chaoxing Zhang! Chaoxing joins us from the UC Riverside Bioengineering department.

8/1/20 -- Welcome to our two newest Junior Specialists, Samantha and Sabrina!

7/1/20 -- Three new CIRM Bridges Masters' students and a new Junior Specialist joined the lab! Welcome, James, Ryan, Tyler, and Yemi!

7/1/20 -- Congratulations to the Surgical Bioengineering Laboratory Research Program Team (team leader Dr. Aijun Wang) for winning the UC Davis Health Deans’ Team Award for Excellence in Research!

5/30/20 -- Lalitha received the TRDRP pre-doctoral fellowship/training grant! Congrats, Lalitha!

3/26/20 -- Kasey received the TL1 pre-doctoral fellowship/training grant! Congrats, Kasey!

3/26/20 -- Lalitha passed her qualifying exam! Congrats, Lalitha!

1/1/20 -- Congratulations! Drs. Dake Hao and Kewa Gao both received the Shriners hospital postdoctoral fellowship/training grant!