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Our new study published and featured by Stem Cells Translational Medicine (SCTM) as the Front Cover story:


March 9, 2020

Dr. Aijun Wang was appointed as the Vice-Chair for Translational Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for the Department of Surgery at UC Davis to advance the department's footprint in medical innovation, device development, and entrepreneurship.


Dr. Wang is one of the PIs leading the exciting BME Quarter@Aggie Square program selected and supported by the UC Davis Provost office


Dr. Wang invited to give a talk at the 2020 EV-based Diagnostics, Delivery & Therapeutics





Dr. Wang giving a talk at UC Riverside

Dr. Farmer talked about our translational spina bifida research at UC Davis and the $5.66 million grant awarded to Dr. Farmer and Dr. Wang


Hemophilia News Today highlighted our study on hemophilia




Dr. Wang presented at the Inaugural UC Pitch Day orgnized by UC Biomedical Research Acceleration, Integration and Development (BRAID), a group of five UC medical campuses, and the UC Center for Accelerated Innovation (CAI), and UC Irvine Applied Innovation

Our work with stem cells was highlighted in an extensive piece in the Los Angeles Times in 2018




DailyMail highlights our stem cell treatment for spina bifida in English bulldog puppies

University of California highlights our study "Puppies benefit from stem cell treatment for children with spina bifida"




ScienceDaily talked about our prenatal stem cell treatment for spina bifida